In the State of California, almost all schools play basketball. Each year more and more kids are getting interested in playing the game and because of this many people are ordering basketball banners from us. Many household turn to Team sport banners because we are efficient and we deliver on time. In just 1-2 days, we can deliver the banner right at your doorsteps and you can bring it immediately in the game.

Basketball Banners

Parents most especially are excited whenever they hear that their kids will play so they place the order ahead of time and they make sure that they will watch the game whenever they had the chance. But because of that excitement parents tend to be overwhelmed by the feeling and end up ruining the game for their kids. Here are some of tips that you can do as a parent if your child is already into sports:

Know Your Role in the Game

It’s incredibly important that everyone who attends youth sport remembers what their roles are during a game.

  • We have coaches to coach the game.
  • We have referees to referee the game.
  • We have players to play the game.
  • And we have spectators to spectate the game.

A parent’s role consists of watching the game and providing support for your child and the other players on the court. ‘Providing support’ does not mean screaming out to the players, throwing your hands in the air when a player makes a mistake, or displaying terrible body language. I know it can be a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings watching your kids competing against other kids, but parents must be able to control their emotions. Sit back, enjoy the game, smile, and support the players with a clap or cheer after they make a good play.

Don’t Coach from the Sidelines, Cheer for Them Instead

Your role at the game is to watch and not to coach, there are coaches to do it for them. The reason this is detrimental to your child and the rest of the team is because they’ll be receiving conflicting messages from you and the coach. Just sit down on the side and watch your kids perform. Cheers for their performance instead and make them feel special by bringing your basketball team banner for them. This way they can see their name and the team’s name whenever they look at your location. Instead of destructing them with your unwanted coaching, wave their flags instead and they will surely like that. Conflicting message from you and the coach will just confuse the kids and in the end, they will just give poor performance. It’s much better for the entire team if you sit back and allow the coach to do their job. Your job is to support them and make them feel that they are loved and not to add pressure on them by giving your unsolicited advice.