Creating a soccer team to represent your town or school is one thing but keeping them motivated and inspired throughout the season is another. Yes, you may be a good coach or an organizer but whether you like it or not, there will be times where in keeping your players focused can get extremely difficult.

As a mentor, it is your goal to keep your players motivated during the entire season to bring home the trophy. Your player effect on your team’s success, by motivating your players effectively, then will learn lots of things more than just winning the game and that includes, learning life lessons, having fun, improving their skills and becoming better players and people in the future. But how do you keep players motivated? Here are some advices:

Soccer Team

Become a Teacher

When you signed up for the job, there is an invisible contract that says coaching is teaching. Meaning you have to treat each players as student and not as winners or losers. If you treat a player like a student, you will notice tremendous improvement because players find it easy to get motivated if they are being taught. Allow them to see their improvement and help them improve in all ways possible, if you embrace this simple technique you can see success from a distance. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…